Black Truffle Balsamic Vinegar 100ml

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Twelve-year barrel - aged balsamic vinegar, or aceto di balsamico, sustainably produced at a small estate in Modena (Italy), a premium source for reduced, thick, and aromatic glaze with a rich carmelized flavour. The glaze is infused with Umbrian fresh black winter truffles giving it an earthy, musky aroma that balances the traditional condiment’s sweetness. A product that transforms your dish into a gourmet meal.

Origin: Truffle: Umbria, Italy  
  Balsamic Vinegar: Modena, Italy      

Availability: All – Year round   

Traditional application: perfect over a juicy thick rib eye steak; drizzle on creamy burrata cheese, new potatoes, mushroom risotto, sauce for veal

Unconventional application: dotted onto quail’s egg canapes, fish marinade

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