Black Truffle Oil 100ml & 40ml

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Cold – pressed extra virgin olive oil from Puglia and infused with black winter truffles from Umbria (Italy), and is a brilliant way to transform meat, game, pasta and even soups. Umbrian truffles have proven to maintain their earthiness and fruitiness over their ancestors, giving our black truffle oil a unique aromatic scent. Olive oil acidity is set at 0.2% making it an especially delicate product.

Origin: Truffle: Umbria, Italy.
  Olive Oil: Puglia, Italy    

Availability: All – Year round   

Traditional application: drizzle over beef fillets, mushroom risottos, roasted celeriac and jerusalem artichokes, or even scrambled eggs

Unconventional application: Truffle & Mushroom Macarons, truffled hummus

Cocktails: truffled umami martini, truffled vodka martini    

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