White Truffle Acacia Honey 120g

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The true definition of elegance. Light amber – coloured Acacia honey from Acqualagna infused with slivers of fresh Le Marche Bianchetti white truffles. This highly addictive white truffle honey is delicately sweet, intoxicating with hints of vanilla and light floral taste and contains rich nutrients and antioxidants. A perfect sugar substitute!

Origin: Truffle: Le Marche, Italy  
  Honey: Acqualagna     

Availability: All – Year round   

Traditional application: perfect with aged cheese boards salty meats, crispy breads and fruits. Spread over fish or game meats.

Unconventional application: end your meal with some truffle honey drizzled atop grilled figs stuffed with Pecorino cheese; drizzle truffle honey over ice-cream or creamy gelatos, pour it over some grilled asparagus and olive oil

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