White Truffle Butter 80g

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Terfezia’s top – selling product to Michelin Star restaurants. Our white truffle butter is made with love: a super generous 5% white truffle (that’s right winter white truffles) from Le Marche blended with 93% European style butter fat butter, making this creamy delicacy a kitchen essential; definitely not for the faint hearted.

Origin: Truffle: Le Marche, Italy.
  Butter: Europe
  Cheese: Italy    

Availability: All – Year round   

Traditional application: simply place on top of pasta, a freshly seared, dry-aged steak, a French baguette, or spread under poultry skin before roasting, beat into mashed potatoes, or sear scallops in.   

Unconventional application: truffled popcorn, truffled udon noodles,  

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