White Truffle Maple Syrup 100ml

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Exclusive to Terfezia! Newest to our range, an innovative product that combines our Canadian heritage with our passion for unconventional use of truffles. Grade A dark amber Canadian maple syrup infused with slivers of fresh Le Marche Bianchetto truffles, ensuring a blend of subtle sweetness and incredible aroma.

Origin: Truffle: Le Marche, Italy.
 Maple Syrup: Canada     

Availability: All – Year round   

Traditional application: drizzle over oatmeal, fruits, pancakes, vegetables, glaze game meats or fish

Unconventional application: end your meal with some white truffle maple syrup drizzled atop grilled figs stuffed with Pecorino cheese; drizzle white truffle maple syrup over ice-cream or creamy gelatos

Cocktails: truffled pomegranate and maple punch, truffled maple bourbon smash, truffled maple Manhattan, truffled Canadian old fashioned, truffled straight up Mary      

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