White Truffle Oil 100ml & 40ml

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This Liquid gold takes your dish to the next level! Our cold – pressed estate grown Puglia extra virgin olive oil is infused with fresh white truffles from Le Marche (Italy) to give an incredible pungent aroma. Winter’s supreme delicacy is picked from Italian soil and bottled for you to enjoy all year round. Olive oil acidity is set at 0.2% making it an especially delicate product.

Origin: Truffle: Le Marche, Italy.
  Olive Oil: Puglia, Italy    

Availability: All – Year round

Traditional application: drizzle over mashed potatoes, favourite kind of eggs, bruschetta, pasta, French fries, mushroom risotto, or soup.
Unconventional application: truffled popcorn, truffle mac and cheese, truffle infused custards, Quinoa risotto lasagne

Cocktails: truffled Anjou, truffle sour cocktail, truffle oil gin martini

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